Strategy 2020 - 25

Transforming the power system for future generations.

Our purpose

We are SONI – the electricity System Operator for Northern Ireland. Our 2020 - 25 strategy is shaped by climate change and the transition of the electricity sector to low-carbon, renewable energy.

We have a unique role to play in leading the radical transformation that is required. Our strategy sums up our response to these challenges. It consists of a set of key goals, underpinned by our purpose:

Transform the power system for future generations


This strategy is shaped by climate change and the impending transformation of the electricity sector.

The context of climate change is well understood, and beyond scientific doubt. The only question now is how fast society can respond to limit the damage, and so protect our planet for current and future generations.

Leading the transition

The transition to low-carbon and renewable energy will have widespread consequences. There will be major changes in how electricity is generated, and in how it is bought, sold, and used.

The electricity system will carry more power than ever before and most of that power will be from renewable sources. Coal, peat and oil-based generation will be phased out in the next decade. And while this happens, new technology will allow electricity users to generate and store power, and return any surplus to the grid. This creates opportunities for all.

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Strategy 2020 - 25

Transform the power system for future generations

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